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William Gilbert Snr. (1804 - 1890), father of W. S. Gilbert was born in Bishopstoke, Hampshire on 20th May 1804 and died in Salisbury on 30th January 1890.

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William, an ex-surgeon, did not begin to write until the age of 59, by which time his son was already regarded as a promising author and playwright.


The elder Gilbert’s novels have been out of print for many years although recently some of his work has started to be republished and many of his books are entertaining and easy to read. Two in particular, are worthy of note, The Magic Mirror and King George’s Middy, as not only are they good stories, but they contain numerous drawings by W. S. Gilbert within the body of the text.


The Last Lords of Gardonal has always been regarded as a classic Gothic Horror vampire story which, of course, pre-dates Bram Stoker and Dracula.


The list from which the titles below are taken has been supplied by Brian Jones, Librarian to the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, to whom I am indebted. Mr Jones himself would not claim that it is exhaustive.


Where possible I have added links to possible sources for these titles. Some may be booksellers, some may be to digital downloads or scanned copies of the original volumes.




Short stories

Again, the following list may not be exhaustive and some of the stories may actually appear as individual chapters in longer works. ‘The Sacristan of St. Botolph' for example is one of the tales included in The Magic Mirror.


Other works

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