Written by W S Gilbert

Composed by Arthur Sullivan

Premièred at The Savoy Theatre, London 7th December 1889 running for 554 performances.

St David’s Players’ productions: (click to expand)

  • 19 — 21 September 1972

    St Georges Hall (The Corn Exchange), Exeter

    The Duke of Plaza-Toro  —  Kier Sims
    Luiz  —  Gerald Crook

    Don Alhambra Del Bolero  —  Glenn Cannon

    Marco Palmieri  —  John Cope

    Giuseppe Palmieri  —  Barrie Youel

    Antonio  —  John Nicklin

    Giorgio  —  Robin Johnson

    Annibale  —  Bill Rankin


    The Duchess of Plaza-Toro  —  Lorraine Rogers

    Casilda  —  Alison Long

    Gianetta  —  Eileen Clarke

    Tessa  —  Carol Tolley

    Fiametta  —  Margaret Loo

    Vittoria  —  Alison Pounsberry

    Giulia  —  Margaret Seward

    Inez  —  Ann Carr


    Director  —  MIKE COOPER

    Musical Director  —  SYLVIA DOIDGE

  • 3 — 7 October 1978

    The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

    The Duke of Plaza-Toro  —  Ian Bond
    Luiz  —  John Stuart

    Don Alhambra Del Bolero  —  Leonard Larne

    Marco Palmieri  —  Phil Hobbs

    Giuseppe Palmieri  —  Robin Johnson

    Antonio  —  John Nicklin

    Francesco  —  Malcolm Roberts

    Giorgio  —  Rod Stewart

    Annibale  —  Kevin Brown


    The Duchess of Plaza-Toro  —  Daphne Dunlop

    Casilda  —  Nicky Hobbs*

    Gianetta  —  Lorraine Rogers

    Tessa  —  Ann Patching

    Fiametta  —  Sheila Underwood

    Vittoria  —  Jean Allison

    Giulia  —  Eilen Clarke

    Inez  —  Joan Roberts


    Director  —  BARRY SCREECH

    Musical Director  —  SYLVIA PRITCHARD


    *Nicky Hobbs assumed the role of Casilda at short notice due to the imposition of Myra Crook.

  • 10 — 14 October 1989

    The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

    This production followed Gilbert’s original 1889 prompt book and also included the quintet ‘Til time may choose’

    The Duke of Plaza-Toro  —  John Stuart
    Luiz  — Ian Hardy

    Don Alhambra Del Bolero  —  Rod Stewart

    Marco Palmieri  —  Andrew May

    Giuseppe Palmieri  —  John Turner*

    Antonio  —  Ian Campbell

    Francesco  —  Eric Williams

    Giorgio  —  Geoff Hunt

    Annibale  —  Brian Small

    Ottavio  —  Philip Fairweather


    The Duchess of Plaza-Toro  —  Jane Edmund

    Casilda  —  Janet MacDonald

    Gianetta  —  Madeleine Haydon

    Tessa  —  Margaret Thomson

    Fiametta  —  Judyth Aarons

    Vittoria  —  Sue Odell

    Giulia  —  Kate Johns

    Inez  —  Lorraine Colebrook


    Producer  —  IAN BOND

    Musical Director  —  MARK PERRY

    *Ian Bond assumed the role of Giuseppe at the Tuesday and Wednesday performances due to the indisposition of John Turner

  • 11 — 16 October 1999

    The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

    The Duke of Plaza-Toro  —  Ian Bond
    Luiz  —  Tim Hunt

    Don Alhambra Del Bolero  —  Andrew Ingham

    Marco Palmieri  —  Andrew May

    Giuseppe Palmieri  —  Colin Mackenzie

    Antonio  —  Philip Fairweather

    Francesco  —  Richard Williams

    Giorgio  —  Rod Stewart

    Annibale  —  Philip Fairweather

    Ottavio  —  Rod Edwards / Ian Young

    Page  —  Rupert Edwards


    The Duchess of Plaza-Toro  —  Margaret Thomson

    Casilda  —  Helen Mountain

    Gianetta  —  Madeleine Haydon

    Tessa  —  Penny Daw

    Fiametta  —  Sarah Butler Evans

    Vittoria  —  Annie Reid

    Giulia  —  Claire Hunt

    Inez  —  Shelagh Hartley


    Director  —  CHRISTINE WEST

    Musical Director  —  HILARY WICKHAM

  • 14 — 18 October 2008  

    The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

    The Duke of Plaza-Toro  —  Ian Spackman
    Luiz  —  Michael Sharpe

    Don Alhambra Del Bolero  —  Rod Hunt

    Marco Palmieri  —  Mark Hurford

    Giuseppe Palmieri  —  Tim Hunt

    Antonio  —  Rob Chave

    Francesco  —  Graeme Barnell

    Giorgio  —  Mike Hiscock

    Annibale  —  Keith Wadlan


    The Duchess of Plaza-Toro  —  Heather Gould

    Casilda  —  Sue Mizen

    Gianetta  —  Toni Bishop

    Tessa  —  Adele Needham

    Fiametta  —  Eleanor Bridgman

    Vittoria  —  Jackie Turner

    Giulia  —  Mandy Fry

    Inez  —  Susan Gunn-Johnson



    Caroline Avery · Jane Chave · Viv Glanfield · Katie Grant

    Alma Harding · Liz Henson · Sue Hiscock · Patricia Hudson

     Ellie Mizen · Summer Moon · Riki Nelmes · Gina Redman

    Marianne Skinner · Rose Swift · Gillian Weale
    Grace Whitehouse · Toni Wilson Lorna Woodward



    John Candler · Chris Gould · Peter Johnson · David McIlroy

    Ralph Mizen · Mike Redman · Peter Sargent · Brian Small
    Stephen Tregale


    Director  —  JENNY GOODE

    Musical Director  —  MARY PICKARD

A brief synopsis:


The Grand Inquisitor informs two Venetian Gondoliers who have just got married that one of them is the King of Barataria. However, only their foster mother knows which one is king and
no-one knows where the foster mother is.


It also transpires that the king was married to the daughter of a Spanish Duke when he was an infant. The Spanish Duke and this family travel to Barataria to claim her place on the throne.


Meanwhile the two Venetian wives decide to travel to Barataria too, resulting in the three women all arriving at the same time and all wanting to know which of them is queen, leading to all sorts of comical plot twists and turns.



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