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Reviews of commercially available audio and video recordings of Gilbert and/or Sullivan and related works. Orchestral, chamber, choral and other vocal works will also be included. This is an on-going project and reviews will be added as and when available.


Reviews currently included here have been posted by the Ian Bond and represent his personal views. However, if you wish to submit a review for inclusion, whether you are a member of St David’s Players or not, please email us.


Please note that whilst we give catalogue numbers where possible, there is an increasing trend towards encouraging download from the internet in MP3 format, which may then be burned to compact disc if desired.


In most cases, the recordings we list in these pages may be found for download, usually more cheaply than ordering CDs. You may also find a number of other recordings and reissues that we haven't listed.


Main outlets for MP3 downloads are:


Note that Classics On Line will charge in US$ whilst JPC will charge in Euros (€), however the conversion to Sterling is automatic.


If ordering CDs from JPC, they usually take just five days to arrive and are often cheaper than other outlets, this also applies to mainstream labels such as DECCA, EMI, etc.


The German label ‘Line’ is now also re-issuing good transfers of the DECCA ‘First’ Series - 1949 - 1955, and the reissues can be found at AMAZON, JPC and also on iTunes. Reissues on the ‘Golden Legacy’ label currently only appear on the JPC website.

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