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We are attempting to list productions by Operatic Societies and Professional companies of shows that have either never gained a secure footing on the amateur circuit, or were once popular but in recent years have fallen out of favour.


To this category belong shows written by W S Gilbert in partnership with various composers, by Arthur Sullivan in partnership with various librettists, works presented at the Savoy Theatre between 1890 and 1910, and works from various other late Victorian and Edwardian collaborations.


With the exception of Utopia, (Limited) and The Grand Duke, The Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, Cox and Box and The Zoo are not included as these shows are still regularly performed.


If your society, or any other society that you know of, has produced any of the works listed on the white buttons in the left-hand column, then we should be very interested to hear from you. All we need is the name of the company, the show title and the year of production. To advise us of a production, please click here


This is a lengthy, on-going project which has so far included a trawl of the ‘Past Productions’ lists of approximately 50% of operatic societies in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Many other societies either do not have websites, have websites but do not include complete lists of ‘Previous Productions’, have redesigned their websites without including a list of ‘Previous Productions’, or have abandoned their websites and migrated to ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’.  Some societies have sadly disbanded and their records appear to be no longer available.


Tell us about a production, past, present or to come, or to advise us of a society website we have missed.


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