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Gilbert and Sullivan Society · Exeter · Devon

Written by W S Gilbert

Composed by Frederic Clay


    We are indebted to research by J Donald Smith for much performance data regarding the professional and amateur performance history of Princess Toto.


    His research has brought to light details of many productions that might otherwise have remained undiscovered.

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    1876  —  Kate Santley’s Company, Nottingham (then on tour)  —  Professional

    1876  —  Kate Santley’s Company, London  —  Professional

    1879  —  Standard Theatre, New York (then on tour)  —  Professional

    1881  —  John Hollingshead & R Barker, London (revised version)  —  Professional

    1884  —  Chicago Museum and Theatre Company  —  Professional

    1886  —  H B Mann’s Comic Opera Co. (Philadelphia & Boston)  —  Professional

    1886  —  Robert Brough Production, Melbourne  —  Professional

    1889  —  Tivoli Opera Troupe, San Francisco  —  Professional

    1891  —  Lamont Opera Company, Washington  —  Professional

    1891  —  Tavistock Primrose League

    1891  —  Wilbur Opera Company, St Paul, Minnesota  —  Professional

    1891  —  Wilbur Opera Company, Winnipeg  —  Professional

    1891  —  Wilbur Opera Company, Indianapolis  —  Professional

    1891  —  Wilbur Opera Company, Louisville  —  Professional

    1891  —  Wilbur Opera Company, Duluth, Minnesota  —  Professional

    1892  —  Gaiety Opera Company, Philadelphia  —  Professional

    1892  —  George A Baker Opera Company, Halifax, Nova Scotia  —  Professional

    1892  —  Wilbur Opera Company, Indianapolis  —  Professional

    1892  —  Wilbur Opera Company, Rochester, New York  —  Professional

    1892  —  Yonkers Amateur Singers, Yonkers, New York

    1893  —  Amateur Opera Association of Brooklyn, New York

    1893  —  Gaiety Opera Company, Cincinnati  —  Professional

    1893  —  Gaiety Opera Company, Philadelphia  —  Professional

    1893  —  George A Baker Opera Company, Lowell, Massachusetts  —  Professional

    1896  —  Winnipeg Operatic Society

    1935  —  Barry Jackson’s Repertory Company, Birmingham  —  Professional

    1997  —  Royal Victorian Opera Company, Massachusetts  —  Staged

    reduced version with piano

    1998  —  Blue Hill Troupe

    2009  —  Gilbert and Sullivan Society, London


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      Annotated libretto of Princess Toto


    A scan of the vocal score of Princess Toto is now available courtesy of the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive.

      Act One

      Act Two

      Act Three


    Band Parts for Princess Toto

    These hand written band parts originate from the 1880’s when the Williamson Company toured a production in Australia. This is apparently the only set of parts to have survived as performance material in the hands of the music publisher Metzler (subsequently J B Cramer) was destroyed during the blitz.


    These band parts are from the Williamson Collection held by the National Library of Australia.Their use for performance must therefore be
    credited to that body.


    The orchestration for Princess Toto comprises of Flute,
    Clarinet 1 & 2, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn 1 & 2, Cornet 1 & 2, Trombone, Percussion (Timpani, Side Drum, Triangle, Bells & Cymbals) and Strings. The set also includes a part for Violin répétiteur.



      Clarinet 1 & 2



      Horn 1 & 2

      Cornet 1 & 2



      Violin répétiteur

      Violin Leader

      Violin 2


      Cello & Bass