11th - 15th October 2016
The Exeter Barnfield Theatre

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Introducing our principal cast

Photographs © chrisw.me.uk

The Colonel’s ‘right hand man’ - engaged to Saphir and attempting to emulate his commanding officer

The ‘Career Guard’ devoted to the Regiment, and of course to his fiancée - The Lady Angela

A titled gentleman in search of the new experiences joining the Guards will bring

Colonel Calverley

Gareth Davies

Major Mergatroyd

Pete Francis

Lt. the Duke of Dunstable

Mark Hurford

An ‘idyllic’ poet who has returned to the village of his childhood where once Patience was his playmate.

A ‘fleshly’ poet, beloved by all the ladies in the village and in love
with Patience. 

But is he
all he seems?

Bunthorne’s dour legal advisor - but has he fallen for one
of the ladies?

Reginald Bunthorne

Tim Hunt

Archibald Grosvenor

Adrian Fox

Mr Bunthorne’s Solicitor

Stephen Tregale

The maiden who has forsaken the Major but who occasionally allows her mind to wander into new possibilities and experiences

Something of the matriarch of the maidens who has deserted the Colonel in order to admire Bunthorne

Intense and dramatic in her devotion to the aesthetic cause whose attention can’t be turned elsewhere ….or can it?

The Lady Angela

Toni Bishop

The Lady Saphir

Emma Mills

The Lady Ella

Sheena Galpin

The most stately of
the maidens of the village, absolutely devoted to her
Mr Bunthorne,
but will her
devotion last?

The village dairymaid who has never been in love - although she had a playfellow once whom she still remembers.

The Lady Jane

Carolyn Harries


Nicola Wilkes