Written by W S Gilbert

Composed by George Grossmith

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Gilbert and Sullivan Society · Exeter · Devon

A Comic Opera in Three Acts

First produced at the Criterion Theatre, London on 27th July 1892


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    1973  —  Comic Opera Guild

    1975  —  Chichester Festival Theatre Presented as The Italian Straw Hat - Professional

    1976  —  Northcott Theatre, Exeter Presented as The Italian Straw Hat - Professional



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      Libretto of ‘Haste to the Wedding


    Chappell Vocal Score of ‘Haste to the Wedding’


      Act 1          Acts 2 & 3


    Newly typeset vocal score of ‘Haste to the Wedding’ divided into individual numbers:-


      No 1: Duet: Patty & Jackson

      No 2: Song: Woodpecker

      No 3: Chorus & Song: Maguire

      No 3a: Chorus

             No 3b: Air (see 3c)

      No 3c: Chorus

      No 3d: Chorus

      No 3e: Air

      No 4: Song: Bella

      No 5: Recit and Ballad: Bella & Woodpecker

      No 5a: Air

      No 6: Duet: Cripps & Maguire with Chorus

             No 6a: Exit (see 6c)

             No 6b: Promenade (see 6c)

      No 6c: Finale Act 1


      No 7: Song: Duke

      No 8: Duet: Woodpecker & Marchioness

      No 8a: Hopping exit

      No 9: Recit and Song: Maguire

      No 10: Finale Act 2


      No 11: Song: Bunthunder

      No 12: Duet: Woodpecker & Bunthunder

      No 12a: Air

      No 13: Song: Maguire

      No 14: Duet: Woodpecker & Bunthunder

      No 14a: Entr’acte into Act 3 Scene 2

      No 14b: Air

      No 14c: Air

      No 15: Finale Act 3